How it Works:

  • Insert 'Empty' Bottle

    Place your sauce cap down in the Sauce Salmon

  • Swing it About

    Swing the Sauce Salmon around several times to drive all the sauce to the spout

  • Get Every Drop Out

    With the sauce at the spout, Sauce Salmon ensures you never waste an ounce of your favorite sauce

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As Seen on T.V.

  • "My kids love to play with this sauce puppet mitt!!" - Patty K.

    Get Sauce Salmon 
  • "My Mom got me this as a joke, but I use it all the time!" - Ben Romano

    Get Sauce Salmon 
  • "Here's the ketchup stain on my ceiling from trying to shake a bottle out by hand lol" - Scott S

    Get Sauce Salmon 
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Made with premium oven mitt materials.

Constructed from extreme heat resistant materials, The Sauce Salmon duals as the perfect oven mitt!


Voila! No more ruined BBQ’s.

Stop throwing away "empty" bottles!

The Sauce Salmon brings "empty" bottles back to life, over and over again!