About The Sauce Salmon


July 23, 2013: Just grilled up some burgers and sat down for a family dinner only to discover that the ketchup bottle was completely "empty." Having recently discovered the science behind centripetal forces in a college Physics class, I grabbed the bottle in one hand and swung it around in a circular motion as if I was a third base coach sending a runner home for the winning run. This forced all of the remaining ketchup on the sides of the bottle to the top and all six of us were able to get more than enough out of the bottle for our burgers. 

July 24, 2013: We grilled hot dogs for lunch and utilized the same technique to extract even more ketchup, except this time we placed it in a grocery bag cap down. The bottle tears through the grocery bag and explodes onto the kitchen wall. Remnants of the aftermath still exist to this day. 

2014-2016: Makeshift versions of the Sauce Salmon used frequently to extract all of our favorite sauces. Friends and family adopt the technique, often ending up in catastrophic outcomes due to home made versions. 

2017: We create the first heavy duty Sauce Salmon for personal home use. 

January 2022: Inflation is on the rise and the demand from friends and family to professionally engineer and manufacture a production run of the Sauce Salmon is greater than ever. 

February - March 2022: The development team is built and extensive research and development begins. Final design is complete. Final prototypes are produced and distributed to friends and family for use. It becomes an instant hit.

July 2022: Initial production run is complete and the Sauce Salmon is officially brought to market.