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Sauce Salmon

The Sauce Salmon!

The Sauce Salmon!

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About the Sauce Salmon:

Caring for Sauce Salmons

-Keep Sauce Salmons in pairs. Sauce Salmons are a monogamous species and they often get lonely in isolation

-Sauce salmon requires very little exercise, but they do enjoy being swung on occasion

-If your Sauce Salmon becomes aggressive it is likely because you have exposed him to other non-Salmony oven mitts. Plese keep them separated

-Please consult a veteranrian before attempting to breed your Sauce Salmon

-Sauce Salmons do not like being confined to drawers or cabinets. Please store them in the open

- You can machine wash your Sauce Salmon in cold water, but they take very kindly to hand washings

- You can tumble dry your sauce salmon on low heat, but they very much enjoy being swung around until they are dry

- Do not dry clean Sauce Salmons. Leaving Sauce Salmons to the care of strangers can scare them and cause anxiety

Oven Mitt Heat Rating

The Sauce Salmon also doubles as a high temperature oven mitt with it's premium quilted fabric and neoprene gripping pads.

Rated to safley handle 450 degrees.


Body: 100% Cotton (double insulated)

Mouth: 100% High heat resistant neoprene

Soul: 100% Pure and loving